ThoughtSpot deployment artifacts for Amazon Linux 2

Get the two primary tarball artifacts for configuring ThoughtSpot using Amazon Linux 2.

For all (online and offline) deployments of ThoughtSpot on a customer-managed OS like RHEL, OEL, or Amazon Linux 2, you will need:

  • The Release tarball, which contains the ThoughtSpot software binaries (tar.gz) of the release version you are installing or upgrading; for example, ThoughtSpot Release 6.0.4.

  • The Ansible tarball, which contains a set of scripts for installing OS packages, dependencies, the ThoughtSpot CLI (tscli), and configuring your cluster (preparing the disks). You can obtain these files from the ThoughtSpot secure file sharing system. We sent this information to you in our Welcome email. If you experience difficulties accessing these files, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

For offline deployments specifically, you must install the OS packages required by ThoughtSpot, in addition to the two tarballs mentioned above. Refer to Packages installed with ThoughtSpot for RHEL and OEL for the RHEL and OEL packages and Packages installed with ThoughtSpot for Amazon Linux 2 for the Amazon Linux 2 packages. If you need help with these dependencies, contact the ThoughtSpot Support team.

If your organization performs automation with a different configuration management tool, you can use the template ThoughtSpot developed for automation with Terraform. You can obtain this template from our Github repository. ThoughtSpot provides templates for these alternative tools only as generic guidelines. You should review the templates before using them and make sure that they are safe to use in your organization. In no way can ThoughtSpot be held responsible for any issue arising from their use.

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