Add experts for SearchIQ

It is useful to identify experts who can help with SearchIQ.

SearchIQ is in Beta.

SearchIQ is turned off by default. ThoughtSpot Support can enable it for you. SearchIQ is only available in English.

We recommend that you add Experts to the datasource. These people in your organization know a great deal about the data, and can help you train SearchIQ. They are also the individuals who can assist business users in validating the answers they receive as a result of both regular Search and SearchIQ. You can learn more about that by reading about our Ask an expert feature.

To specify the experts for the datasource, follow these steps:

  1. Click the More menu icon icon more 10px at the top right corner, and select Manage Experts.

    manage experts searchiq
  2. In the Manage Experts window modal, you may see existing experts. Add more users and groups, and click Add.

    add experts
  3. After you finish adding experts, click Done.

    add experts done

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