Supported SQL commands

The ODBC and JDBC drivers support a limited set of SQL commands. When developing software that uses a ThoughtSpot ODBC driver, use this reference of supported commands. This reference is intended for developers using other tools (ETL, etc.) to connect to ThoughtSpot through the ODBC or JDBC driver.

ThoughtSpot displays VARCHAR fields using lower case, regardless of what the original casing of your loaded data is.


These SQL commands are supported for ODBC:


    Creates a table with the specified column definitions and constraints. The table is replicated on each node.

      CREATE TABLE country_dim (id_number int, country varchar, CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY (id_number));

    Creates placeholders in the table to receive the data.

      INSERT INTO TABLE country_dim (?, ?);
  • DELETE FROM <table>

    Deletes ALL rows from the specified table. Use the WHERE clause to specify only certain rows to be deleted. Example: You could remove all data for sales before a certain date to free up space in ThoughtSpot.

      DELETE FROM country_dim;
  • SELECT <cols_or_expression> FROM <table_list> [WHERE <predicates>] [GROUP BY <expressions>]`[ORDER BY <expressions>]`

    Fetches the specified set of table data.

      SELECT id_number, country FROM country_dim WHERE id_number > 200;


TRUNCATE is not supported. Instead, use DELETE FROM TABLE which is functionally equivalent to "truncate table" in terms of table compression and so forth.

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