Fixed issues

These are the issues we fixed in recent ThoughtSpot Releases.

6.0.X Releases fixed issues

  • 6.0.5

  • When Copy link has been disabled, it still appears in the More menu more options menu icon of Pinboards.

  • The management console is not accessible.

  • A Pinboard with an advanced formula can be viewed by an administrator, but not by a regular user they share it with.

  • A cluster that is using a customer logo, still shows the ThoughtSpot logo on downloaded PDFs.

  • Filter values overlap and are unreadable in the filter picker.

  • Attempting to sign in using SSO causes a 500 Internal Server Error.

  • Clusters with many scheduled Pinboards cause the Falcon database to be slower than normal.

  • Dates in PDFs are only displayed in the United States date format.

  • The Google Chrome 80 browser is not supported, because cookies for pages in a ThoughtSpot cluster do not have the SameSite attribute, which is required for that browser.

  • The group aggregate function does not work after upgrade to release 5.3.1.

  • A user who edits a worksheet is not able to save their changes.