Roles and permissions

Team administrators can manage what functionality other users can access by selecting command / control + k, and searching for "Roles". The following roles are available:


Full access to the app including administrative features.


Full access to the app excluding administrative features.


Allows administrator to select functionality / permissions individually.

To grant specific functionality to a restricted user, type the desired permissions into the "Permissions" field that appears when you select "Restricted" from the role drop-down menu:


Ability to view SQL on /run in the app.

Ability to run SQL on /run in the app.


Access to all blocks.


Access only to blocks marked by certain tags (see #️⃣ Tags and Search). Use the tag.[tagname] permissions to control which blocks the user can see.


Ability to view blocks on / in the app (the "home" page).

Ability to view and run blocks from the ➕ Google Sheets Addon.

Ability to run 📋 Forms.


Ability to view Docs.

SQL team roles

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