1. Go to SeekWell’s integration catalog, select Facebook Ads, and select Add.

    Add Facebook Ads
  2. Write or paste in your SQL in a new block.

    Be sure to give your query a title in the text box above the query window.
    Enter query in new block
  3. Under Destination on the right, select Facebook and Create an audience.

    Select Facebook as Destination
    Create an audience
  4. Map your columns

    1. Above the query results, select Mapping.

      Map source and destination fields
    2. Map the fields in Source and Destination.

  5. Select Test Sync. Your results appear in Audiences within a few minutes.

    Test sync
  6. [Optional] Click on metadata under the "play" button to see the logs for your block (including the background job that runs to complete your Facebook updates).

    Check metadata to see your logs
  7. [Optional] Select Add Schedule under Repeat to run your sync on a schedule.

    Add a Schedule to your sync

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