Database (Source)

To add a new SQL database, follow these steps:

  1. Select Add source under Source. If you don’t see these options, first start a new SQL block by selecting the plus icon in the top right and selecting New SQL.

    Create New SQL
    Add source
  2. Select the Flavor (for example, Postgres).

  3. Give the Source a Nickname, and fill in the following connection properties:

    1. Account Name (exclusive to Snowflake connections)

    2. Service Account Information in JSON (exclusive to BigQuery)

    3. Host

    4. Port

    5. Username

    6. Password

    7. Warehouse (exclusive to Snowflake connections)

    8. Database

    9. Choose to Use SSL or Use SSH

      SQL connection properties
      You must safelist the SeekWell IP addresses ( and for the connection to work. For more information, see Safelisting our IP address.
  4. Select Save.

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