Connecting to Snowflake


To connect to Snowflake with SeekWell, you need the following fields:

  • Account Name

  • Region

  • Warehouse

  • Database

  • Username

  • Password

  • Schema (optional)

  • Role (optional)

To find these values in a Snowflake worksheet, first check the URL.

check Snowflake URL

In the URL, you will find your Account Name (abcd1234 in our example) and your Region (us-east-1). If you don’t see a region, it means you’re in the default region of us-west-1.

Account and Region fields in URL

You can find your Database and Warehouse by selecting the Databases and Warehouses icons.

Find Database and Warehouse

Your Username and Role can be found in the top right.

Find Username and Role

Connect to Snowflake

  1. Launch SeekWell.

  2. In the top-right corner, select the plus icon and select Add New Integration. The Integrations page appears.

  3. Scroll down to select Snowflake, or enter "Snowflake" in the search bar. On the Snowflake tile, select + Add.

  4. Select "Snowflake" under "Flavor".

    Select Snowflake as Flavor

  5. Fill out the remaining fields with the account information you found in the prerequisites.

  6. Select Save.

Finding account details for JDBC

When using JDBC, you can use your existing connection string to find account details for Snowflake.


In the example above:

  • Account Name = xy12345

  • Region = eu-central-1

    • (if region is missing, it means your region is us-west-1)

  • Username = peter

  • Warehouse = mywh

  • Database = mydb

  • Schema = public

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