Connect to data

ThoughtSpot Cloud connects to your data through Connections.

Connect to your data through Connections

If your company stores source data externally in data warehouses, you can connect to that data through ThoughtSpot Connections, and then directly query it when using ThoughtSpot’s analysis and visualization features.

On ThoughtSpot Cloud, you can connect to the following external databases:

How to connect to data

  • Create a connection to the external database.

  • Choose from each table the columns that you want to explore in your live query.

  • Primary key and foreign key relationships are imported along with the primary and foreign key tables.

  • If there are any joins in the tables of your connection, Connections imports these joins.

  • After your connection is complete, it becomes a linked data source in ThoughtSpot, so you can query the external database directly.

  • It’s also easy to apply transformations, and filter the data.

Key benefits of connecting to live data

  • Set up and deploy ThoughtSpot faster by connecting directly to the external database.

  • Eliminate the need to move data into ThoughtSpot for analysis.

  • Centralize data management and governance in the external database.

  • Save significant time and money by avoiding ETL pipelines.

  • Connect to multiple external databases.

  • Custom calendar available with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Azure Synapse

Limitations of data connections

Connections does not support joins across connections.

Set up your connection

Next steps

There are two options to continue setup:

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