Revoke access (unshare)

You can revoke access to an object that you no longer want to share with someone.

You may need to revoke access to an object (table, worksheet, Liveboard, or answer) that you previously shared. Unsharing an object is very similar to sharing it.

Follow these steps to unshare one or more objects:

  1. Navigate to the current section from the top menu bar.

    • If the object is a table or worksheet, click Data.

    • If the object is a Liveboard, click Liveboards.

    • If the object is an answer, click Answers.

  2. Hover over the object(s) you want to unshare, and select them by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name.

  3. Click the Share icon.

    The Share icon

  4. Hover over a user or group with whom you want to stop sharing the object and click the X to remove them.


  5. Click Share to update sharing permissions, and unshare with the specified users and groups.

  6. The Share settings updated notification appears on the bottom of your screen.

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