Node failure

ThoughtSpot uses replication of stored data. When a node fails, ThoughtSpot continues to operate.

To support high availability, your ThoughtSpot instance must have at least three nodes. In a three or more node system, if one node fails, its services will be distributed to the other nodes. The failover is automatic. However, when a node fails, you should contact ThoughtSpot Support about replacing the node when possible.

A node is considered to have failed when one or more of these conditions occur:

  • Two or more disks have failed.

  • SSD has failed.

  • Memory failure.

  • Another hardware component has failed (networking, motherboard, power supplies).


You should suspect node failure if you observe these symptoms:

  • Performance degrades significantly.

  • You receive alert emails beginning with WARNING or CRITICAL, that describe problems with one of the nodes not running.

  • A node does not come up upon booting or rebooting the system.

If you notice these symptoms, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Node replacement

Node replacement is done on site by ThoughtSpot Support. You must schedule a maintenance window, since some downtime is required. For more information, please contact ThoughtSpot Support.

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