Consumption-based pricing

ThoughtSpot’s consumption-based licensing model lets you license ThoughtSpot based on your organization’s utilization of the ThoughtSpot product. When you purchase a consumption-based ThoughtSpot license, ThoughtSpot bills you based on credits.

For more information about pricing, refer to ThoughtSpot pricing. Each cluster must have a discrete pricing model.


You purchase and consume credits with the consumption-based licenses. A credit is a unit of measure. When members of your organization use ThoughtSpot, we measure either query-based, or time-based usage. Both types of usage consume available credits. Each active ThoughtSpot user consumes credits.

User activities in ThoughtSpot that consume credits include:

  • Performing a search

  • Viewing or editing Liveboards or answers

  • Creating and editing worksheets

  • Making administrative changes, or changing setup configuration

Using the ThoughtSpot consumption licensing model

We originally introduced the consumption-based pricing model in our ThoughtSpot Cloud offering. You can now use the consumption pricing model when you deploy ThoughtSpot Software in your own cloud environment, and use connections to your data.

You must allow ThoughtSpot to gather usage information from your cluster environment daily. We use a secure TLS-encrypted SSL connection to gather this information, and use it solely for the purpose of measuring credit consumption.

Additionally, you must allow ThoughtSpot to serve usage information to you, for full visibility and accurate reporting of in-product usage and credit consumption. To accomplish this, ThoughtSpot creates a JDBC connection to your cluster, and uses TLS-encrypted SSL transport protocol to serve this data. This usage information is secure and isolated inside our cloud environment.

The following points outline the necessary prerequisites to licensing and using ThoughtSpot based on consumption level.

Supported deployments

The ThoughtSpot consumption licensing model is available for both ThoughtSpot Cloud, and for ThoughtSpot Software deployments that use Connections to connect to data.

Consumption pricing does not apply to ThoughtSpot Software deployments that use the ThoughtSpot Falcon database, where you import/maintain data using DataFlow or another ETL tool.

Supported releases

In the 6.3.1 SW release, ThoughtSpot consumption pricing is available only on single-node clusters.

Starting with the 6.3.1CU1 release, ThoughtSpot makes consumption pricing available for all multi-node deployments.

Mandatory ports

ThoughtSpot requires organizations that subscribe to usage-based pricing to open the following ports. Failure to open these ports prevents you from using the consumption-based license.

Port 443

The outbound port to the IP address that we provide at the time of licensing; we use this to collect usage data.

Port 5439

The outbound port from the IP address that we provide at the time of licensing; we use this to send you credit consumption data.

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