Login credentials

Learn how to sign in to ThoughtSpot.

You can access ThoughtSpot through SSH at the command prompt, and from a web browser.

Administrative access

Each ThoughtSpot cluster has three default users. Contact your ThoughtSpot support team to get the passwords.

Shell user, admin



For work that requires sudo or root privileges. Not for application login. Logs for this user are in /usr/local/scaligent/logs directory,

Shell user



For command-line work that does not require sudo or root privileges. Can use tsload, tql, and check the cluster status. Not for application login. Logs for this user are in /tmp directory.

Application user



Access through a web browser.

Both the admin and thoughtspot user can SSH into the cluster. After authenticating, either user can use any and all of the following utilities:

SSH to the appliance


Raised when a machine has more than 600 processes.


Machine {{.Machine}} doesn’t have an active SSH server



Sign in to the ThoughtSpot application

To set up and explore your data, access the ThoughtSpot application from a standard web browser, using a username and password.

Before accessing ThoughtSpot, you need the following:
  • The web address (IP address or server name) for ThoughtSpot

  • A network connection

  • A web browser

  • A username and password for ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot supports the following web browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

68.x, 69.x, and later

Google Chrome

90.x, and later

Microsoft Edge

81.0.416.53, and later

Apple Safari

13.x, and later

While Internet Explorer is supported in ThoughtSpot versions 6.3.0 and earlier, using it is not recommended. Depending on your environment, you can experience performance or UI issues.

To sign in to ThoughtSpot from a browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser and type in the web address for ThoughtSpot: http://<hostname_or_IP>

  2. Enter your username and password, and click Sign in.

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