Zoho (Destination)

Sync your database with Zoho CRM with a single SQL statement

  1. Create new records in Zoho.

  2. Update existing records.

  3. Enrich Zoho profiles with data from your warehouse such as product usage data for personalized and lifecycle marketing campaigns.


  1. Write a SQL statement and run the query to verify the results are as expected.

  2. Under Destination on the right, select Zoho.

  3. Authorize the app.

  4. Map the object ID to the id in the destination mapping for update and delete operations.

    destination zoho gif

  5. Map your columns.

    1. To the right of Results, select Mapping.

      destination zoho map gif

    2. Select Test Sync. Your results appear in Zoho CRM within a few seconds.

    3. (Optional) Set a schedule so your updates run automatically.

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