SeekWell tables let you easily update tables in your database.


To edit tables in your database through SeekWell, follow these steps:

  1. Type control / command + k and search for "Tables".

  2. On the page that appears, search for the title of the table you would like to update.

  3. Select the name of the table from the list.

  4. To edit any cell of the table, simply select it and begin to type. Pending changes appear above the table, to the right of the Sync changes button.

  5. To filter the table to more easily find the row(s) you need, select the Filter icon in the top right corner and select + Add filter.

    1. From the drop-down on the left, select the title of the column you want to filter on.

    2. To select the filter condition, select Is and select a new operator from the list:

      • Is

      • Contains

      • Does not contain

      • Starts with

      • Ends with

      • Is null

      • Is not null

    3. Select Value and type in the value you want to filter for.

  6. To finalize your changes, select Sync changes in the top left corner. Your table automatically updates in your database.

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