Visualize search results as Answers

ThoughtSpot Search results generate tables and charts. When you save them for future use, we call these saved searches Answers.

Creating an Answer

Visualize Search

To create a search, and save it as an Answer, follow these steps:

  1. Select Search.

  2. In the upper-right corner, select the data source icon.

  3. Under Data, select Choose sources.

    Alternatively, select one of the sources that are already listed.

  4. In the Choose sources interface, select one or more sources, and select Close.

    We strongly recommend that you use Worksheets rather than tables, because of the many benefits Worksheets provide.

  5. After you select the Data Source, start typing your question in the search bar.

  6. As you type each word of your search, ThoughtSpot helps you identify possible options, both from the data source and from its library of supporting terms and keywords.

  7. After you finish entering your search terms, select the Return or Enter key on your keyboard, click outside the search bar, or select the search icon at the right of the search bar.

    You just created the first search result on your own data.

  8. Select the More icon more options menu icon, and select Save.

  9. In the Save Answer modal,

    • Accept the suggested name, or enter a new name for your visualization.

    • [Optional] Add a Description

    • Select Save.

Congratulations! You have an Answer that you can use in your Liveboards. To find this and other Answers, select Answer on the top navigation bar.

Working with Answers


Next steps: proceed to Compose Liveboards from Answers.

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