User productivity

User Productivity

ThoughtSpot can help you save time and improve your data analysis experience with its differentiated features.

Search Data with Natural Language

One of the key features of ThoughtSpot is the capability to search your data using natural language, just like you do when using an Internet search engine. You don’t need to know SQL or any other programming language to query your data. You can simply type in your questions and get precise answers in seconds. This feature saves you time by eliminating the need to write complex code, wait for IT support, or switch between multiple tools. You can also use synonyms, filters, and keywords to refine your search and get the most relevant results.

SpotIQ with change analysis

Another feature of ThoughtSpot that enhances your productivity is SpotIQ, an AI engine that automatically analyzes your data and generates insights for you. You can use SpotIQ to discover hidden patterns, trends, outliers, and anomalies in your data, without having to manually explore every possibility. One of the capabilities of SpotIQ is Change Analysis, which allows you to compare your data across different time periods, segments, or dimensions, and quickly identify what has changed and why. You can use Change Analysis to monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), track your progress, and understand the root causes of trends.

Explore data with interactive customization

This feature of ThoughtSpot boosts your productivity by enabling you to explore your data with interactive customizations. You can also use the Explore feature to create new searches based on your existing visualizations, and discover new insights from different angles. This feature saves you time by allowing you to quickly do ad-hoc filtering, add or replace fields, or compare different scenarios, without the need to edit your original search or visualization. You can also use the undo and redo buttons to go back and forth between your exploration steps, and see how your data changes accordingly.

Drill Down on data for more details

This feature of ThoughtSpot enhances your productivity by letting you drill down into your data for more details without having to make data requests to the IT or Data team. You can use this feature to access the underlying data of any visualization, and see the granular information that makes up the aggregated results. You can also use this feature to navigate through different levels of hierarchy, and see how your data is organized and related. Or you can use this feature to filter, sort, and group your data by any attribute–all with instant answers without coding or writing SQL or waiting for response from IT/Data Team.

How much time can you save with ThoughtSpot?

Based on customer research and experience, users save an average of 10 minutes per select user action when using ThoughtSpot for data analysis and visualization. To help you estimate how much time you can save with ThoughtSpot, we have created a User Productivity tab in the User Adoption Liveboard, where you can select the user actions and see the time saved. By default, the time saved is 10 minutes per user action, but you can adjust it according to your own experience and preference.

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