SpotIQ feedback

Learn how to rate a SpotIQ insight.

With SpotIQ analysis and insight feedback, you can rate a SpotIQ analysis result or insight. Next to Is this insight useful?, select the like thumbs up icon or dislike thumbs down icon icon of the insight.

When you click dislike, you can provide more details on why you disliked the insight by answering the questions based on the type of insight, decisions made by SpotIQ during analysis, aggregation, and so on. These questions help determine if the features of an insight are relevant, or too obvious.

ThoughtSpot collects your feedback and applies it to any future SpotIQ analyses you run. If you dislike a specific type of insight, SpotIQ pushes that type of insight to the bottom of any future SpotIQ analyses you run. The feedback you provide is specific to you and does not affect the SpotIQ experience of other users.

Change or remove feedback

To change or remove your feedback, follow these steps.

  1. Select the SpotIQ tab in the top navigation bar.

  2. Navigate to the analysis and insight you provided feedback on.

  3. To remove feedback, click on the same icon, either like thumbs up icon or dislike thumbs down icon, that you clicked on before. To change feedback, click on the icon you would like to change your feedback to.

Change SpotIQ feedback

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