ThoughtSpot Slack app

You can now ask ThoughtSpot questions using Slack. Install the ThoughtSpot Slack app, add it to a Slack channel, and you will be able to ask questions of your data sources in natural language. ThoughtSpot answers in chart format.

ThoughtSpot for Slack is in Early Access and off by default. To enable this feature, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Set up ThoughtSpot for Slack

To set up ThoughtSpot for Slack, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ThoughtSpot and open your user profile by clicking the user icon and selecting Profile.

    Select Profile

  2. Click the Connect to Slack button. A permissions screen appears.

    Connect to Slack

    Permissions for ThoughtSpot

  3. Click Allow.

You can now search for answers to your business questions without leaving Slack. Simply enter the command /spot-help in a channel and ask your question in natural language. The answer appears as a visualization.

ThoughtSpot Slack app
You can disconnect from Slack at any time by going to your user profile and clicking Disconnect from Slack.

Add Slack bot to a channel

After connecting to ThoughtSpot for Slack, add the bot to a channel to begin searching. Once the Slack bot is added to a channel, you see a list of simple commands:

  • Use /spot-help to get help on how to use Spot.

  • Use /spot-show-model to see the top worksheets in your ThoughtSpot account.

  • Use /spot-show-columns to see the columns contained in a Worksheet pinned to the channel.

  • Use /spot-suggested-prompts to see sample questions you can use to query the pinned worksheet.

Before searching in your channel, choose the worksheet you plan to search on, and click Pin Worksheet. You can then search on the worksheet by entering a query in the form "@Spot <search terms>." ThoughtSpot for Slack allows you to search using natural language queries such as "@Spot what were my sales by region."

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