Billable Query Stats Liveboard

Use the Billable Query Stats Liveboard to monitor your query-based credit consumption, and to identify which users, connections, and activities are generating the most queries. You must have admin privileges to view this Liveboard.

The Billable Query Stats Liveboard contains essential information about your total billable query count, and about which users and connections are generating the most queries. For more information on user actions that generate queries, see User actions and queries.

To view this Liveboard, select Liveboards from the top navigation bar. Search for Query Stats in the Search bar, or search for the System tag.

Billable Query Stats Liveboard

The Billable Query Stats Liveboard contains information about the following topics:

  • Specifies total billable query count across different time frames (last 7 days, last 30 days, last 60 days, all time)

  • Specifies the comparative query consumption by month

  • Counts the cumulative number of billable queries over time

  • Specifies the total query count by connection and by user name

  • Identifies the top 30 users by number of queries generated in the last 30 days

  • Provides a granular view of query count by individual user and date

Best practices

The Billable Query Stats Liveboard gives admin users visibility into their credit consumption, and which users are using the most query-based credits. We recommend administrators set a threshold-based alert on the Total Query Count KPI chart to receive notifications when the total credit consumption approaches the total number of credit purchased in their subscription. Remember that one query is one credit.

In this case, admins can create an alert when the total query count KPI reaches 80% of the number of credits purchased. The Billable Query Stats Liveboard does not contain information about the total number of query-based credits you purchased at subscription. Admin users can also create scheduled alerts on query count KPI charts to receive notifications on a weekly or monthly basis.

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