ThoughtSpot Developer portal

The ThoughtSpot Developer portal allows you to explore the SDK and APIs, preview code snippets, customize styles and UI elements, and view developer documentation.

You can also add custom actions and configure authentication and security settings for an embedded instance.

Access Develop tab

If you have a ThoughtSpot user account:

  1. Sign in to your ThoughtSpot application instance.

  2. Make sure your account has developer or administrator privileges.

    For information about configuring a user group with developer privileges, see ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.

  3. Navigate to the Develop tab.

If you do not have a ThoughtSpot user account:

  1. Go to

  2. On the header bar, click Playground.

You can also register for a free trial and evaluate the SDK and APIs on a ThoughtSpot Free Trial instance.

Find your way around

The Develop tab includes several sections to assist you through your embedding journey.


The Home page provides a pictorial view of the ThoughtSpot features that you can integrate with your applications. The Home page also includes links to the Developer Guides and Playground to preview the code snippets.

Visual Embed SDK

Includes the following menu items:

Opens the Visual Embed documentation.

Opens the Visual Embed Playground. You can explore the SDK and APIs available for embedding ThoughtSpot Search, Liveboard, visualization, or the full application experience, and view customization options.


Includes the following menu items:

Opens the REST API documentation.

REST Playground v1
Opens the REST API v1 Explorer page. This page allows you to make REST API calls to the REST API v1 endpoints and view API responses.

REST Playground v2.0
Opens the REST API v2.0 Playground, which allows you to view the v2.0 endpoints, make API calls, and explore the request and response workflows.


The Developer portal displays the following menu options under Customizations:

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