Webhooks for Monitor

You can create webhooks to initiate workflows in third-party applications based on KPI changes, or send KPI alert notifications to custom channels.

For example, if you are monitoring a "current inventory" KPI for an inventory management use case, you can build a workflow to trigger an order placement in a third-party app when your current inventory drops below a particular threshold value.

Webhooks must be created by a developer or administrator through the Develop tab, but once created, can be used by any user. For information on how to create a webhook, see the Developer documentation.

Use a webhook

To connect your KPI to a webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Create the Monitor alert, by either of the following methods:

    • Open the Liveboard containing the KPI chart and click on the bell icon that appears when you hover over the chart.

    • Open the KPI as an Answer in the Search data tab, select the more options icon more options icon, and click Create alert.

  2. Fill in the fields to set up a threshold or scheduled alert. Under Select notification channel, click Custom channel.

  3. From the dropdown menu that appears, select the name of your webhook.

  4. Click Create alert. Now, your KPI is set to send information to your webhook, either on a set schedule, or when a specific threshold is reached.

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