Verify Liveboards

Admin-assigned verifiers can now mark Liveboards as verified. Users can now request these verifiers to review their Liveboards, and verify if the information displayed is trusted content. Verified Liveboards carry a banner that signifies that they have been audited for correctness. When edited, a banner appears that informs users the content has been edited and may need to be re-verified. You can sort the list view of Liveboards on the Verified column.

The icon indicating a Liveboard is verified appears on the home page and the Liveboards page.


Admin users can grant analysts the Can verify privilege in the Admin panel. Users with this privilege, known as verifiers, will receive notifications when users request verification of a Liveboard.

Request verification

Authors and users with edit privileges to a Liveboard can request verification or cancel a request for verification using the more options menu more options icon to the top right of the page. A pop-up appears with an optional message box to send with the verification request.

All verifiers with view or edit access to the Liveboard and at least view access to the underlying data source will receive an email containing the verification request, and any additional message the requestor added to the request. If there are no verifiers with view or edit access to the Liveboard, the requestor can grant view or edit access to the Liveboard and underlying data sources to specific verifiers through the verification request workflow. Note, the requester will need the Can manage data privilege to share the underlying data sources. The verification request will be sent to all verifiers whose names are selected in the access granting window.

Once a verifier receives a verification request email, they can click the View Liveboard button to be directed to the Liveboard. After reviewing the Liveboard, they can click Approve to mark the Liveboard as verified.

If someone begins to edit the Liveboard after it has been verified, a splash warning message is shown to the editor to inform them that a warning banner will be added to the Liveboard if edits are made and saved. This banner will appear both when editing a verified Liveboard or when editing an answer on a verified Liveboard. If the editor continues and saves the edit on a verified Liveboard, a banner appears at the top of the screen indicating that changes have been made and the Liveboard may need to be verified again. This banner persists until the Liveboard is re-verified.

Authors and editors of the Liveboard can request verification again once this banner appears. The re-verification request is sent to the verifier who originally verified the Liveboard unless the requestor adds more verifiers to the re-verification request

To view the verifier’s name and the date the Liveboard was verified, users can select Show Liveboard details from the more options menu more options icon.

Manage verified Liveboards

Verifiers can manage the Liveboards they verify from the Liveboard verification option in the Data tab. The Liveboard verification page displays Liveboards that are verified and those whose verification is pending, as well as the name of the Liveboard, the requestor name, the request date, the verifier name (if applicable), and verification date (if applicable). If a Liveboard has been edited and re-verification is requested, the status changes from Verified to Pending.

Reject verification

To reject verifying a Liveboard, the verifier can select Decline on the verification request banner.

Removing verification

Any verifier can remove verification of a Liveboard. The verifier will see a Remove verification option in the more options menu more options icon, in the case that they need to remove the verification tag.

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