Collaborative Liveboards

You can comment on data points in a Liveboard to bring information to the attention of your teammates. To add a comment to a Liveboard, click the Comment icon comment icon to the left of the More menu icon Ellipsis icon.

Create a comment on a Liveboard and add a reaction

All previous comments appear in the right sidebar. To move the sidebar, select the dot icon dot icon and drag across the screen.

Comment sidebar

After clicking Comment, you can hover over the data point, heading, or description you’d like to comment on, and click it to begin typing your comment. You can tag other users using the @ symbol. Users tagged in a comment receive an email notification. When a new comment is added, a red dot appears on the comment icon to let users know there is an unread comment.

Users can reply to comments by clicking on the comment, and selecting the Reply section below the comment. You can also click the more options icon in the top right corner of any comment to share with Slack, unsubscribe from the thread, or resolve the original comment. To exit comment mode, press ESC, or click the x-icon in the top right corner of the comment sidebar.

Data in a Liveboard may change after you add a comment. ThoughtSpot stores the data point at the time you commented. To see the original data behind a comment, click on the data point below the comment.

Comment data point

If you filter data, modify a visualization, or delete a visualization on a Liveboard after commenting on it, the comment is classified as unattached, and is available for viewing in the comment sidebar.

Liveboard comments are stored in the CORD app. If you are on a dark cluster and want to enable Liveboard comments, you must whitelist the domains listed here.

Cord is SOC2 Type II certified and is completely secure. For more information, here are some of the links on CORD’s portal which cover data privacy and security:


Collaborative Liveboards have the following limitations:

  • Liveboard comments do not support group-based separation. Any group with access to the Liveboard can see comments posted by any other group which has access to the Liveboard. A user in a cluster can tag any other user in the cluster in a comment.

  • Liveboard comments are not supported in ThoughtSpot Embedded. When a Liveboard is embedded in another application, the comment icon is not visible to the embedded application users regardless of their access privileges.

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