More help and support

There are multiple locations inside and outside the ThoughtSpot application where you can get more help. This page describes several ways to get more help inside or outside the application interface.

ThoughtSpot documentation

Each version of ThoughtSpot has its own documentation set. ThoughtSpot releases new documentation sets for every major release version ( of ThoughtSpot.

Information Center

The Information Center, ThoughtSpot’s help menu, contains useful information and links to provide you with more help and support. Select the help icon Help icon image next to your profile in the top navigation bar.

The Information Center opens. It contains the following 4 sections:

Getting Started

Explore key features with several short videos. This section contains videos about searching, working with Answers, using filters, customizing charts and tables, working with Liveboards, and sharing Answers and Liveboards.


View several longer, more in-depth tutorials on how to use specific aspects of the product, and revisit walkthroughs for new areas of the product. This section contains a button to restart the home page tour, a short keyword reference, and in-depth videos about joins, Worksheets, and formulas.

What’s new

View short summaries for each new feature in the release your cluster is running. This pop-up appears when you first sign in to ThoughtSpot after an upgrade to a new release. You can revisit the pop-up here.

Get Help

Get in-depth help from ThoughtSpot experts in the ThoughtSpot community and documentation. You can also find the release version for your ThoughtSpot environment, and a link to the release notes for that version.

The Information Center, and many other ThoughtSpot guides, are delivered through Pendo. Pendo is ThoughtSpot’s system for delivery of in-product tips, short videos, and other training elements. Your firewall may automatically block Pendo. To ensure that you can view Pendo guides, ask your ThoughtSpot administrator to add Pendo to a list of allowed domains.

The new Information Center is not customizable. To use the customizable help menu, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

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