Create a bulk filter

You can create a bulk filter on a saved search. You create the filter by pasting a list of values, separated by commas, semicolons, new lines, or tabs, into the bulk filter box. A filter allows you to easily search a large list of values repeatedly.

Your filter can have up to 10k values in it. When you add a filter, the system does not check that the value exists in the data. This allows you to anticipate values that may be added in your filter.

Before you can create a bulk filter, you must have Can edit permission on the table or Worksheet. In this example, you will cut-and-paste values to create a bulk filter. You could also get a list of text values from another application such as an email or cells from an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet.

  1. In table view, select multiple cells by clicking and dragging.

  2. Right-click any of the selected cells and choose Copy to clipboard.

    Copy to clipboard
  3. Hover over the column header you want to filter, and select the More icon more options menu icon.

  4. Choose whether you want your bulk filter to Include or Exclude values.

  5. Select + Add values in bulk:

    Click + Add values in bulk
  6. Paste the values into the bulk filter box.

    Paste the values you copied into the text box
  7. Select Add values.

  8. Select Apply.

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