OpenVPN for Azure Synapse and Snowflake on Azure

Learn how to configure secure access from ThoughtSpot Cloud to your data in Azure Synapse or Snowflake on Azure, through your OpenVPN server.

Make your data in Azure Synapse or Snowflake on Azure even more secure by connecting to your OpenVPN server. This feature is also available for data in Google BigQuery.

VPN is not supported for ThoughtSpot on GCP.

Your company may have a policy that prohibits exposing your cloud data to the internet. In this case, you can set up a VPN connection between your ThoughtSpot Cloud cluster and your data warehouse, either Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or Azure Synapse.

ThoughtSpot supports the following 3 OpenVPN servers:

Set up an OpenVPN connection

You must perform several preliminary steps before asking ThoughtSpot Support to connect your OpenVPN server to your ThoughtSpot cluster(s).

  1. Set up an OpenVPN server, on OpenVPN Community Edition, Azure VPN, or AWS Client VPN.

  2. Create an OpenVPN configuration file in .ovpn form. The configuration file must be one file, in .ovpn form. To generate your configuration file, refer to these articles:

Exchange OpenVPN and ThoughtSpot information with ThoughtSpot Support

  1. Send the OpenVPN configuration file to ThoughtSpot Support.

  2. After ThoughtSpot configures the VPN on your ThoughtSpot Cloud cluster(s), ask them to send you the private DNS name.

Connect your ThoughtSpot cluster(s) to your data warehouse

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