Geo bubble charts

Geo bubble charts, like bubble charts, display the value of the measure through the relative size of the bubble. Zip code data is a good choice for geo bubble charts.

Geo bubble chart example

To paint a geo bubble chart, your search must include a geographical column, or a latitude and longitude pair.

See also the full introduction to Geo charts and specifics of working with them.

Geo chart customizations

Geo charts allow you to customize the map display by changing the Map type.

To customize the Map type, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to any geo chart that you have edit privileges for.

  2. Select the chart configuration icon chart configuration icon on the left side of your screen.

  3. Select Settings in the Edit chart panel.

  4. Open the Map type dropdown menu, and select one of the options: Light, Dark, Outdoors, Streets, Satellite, or Satellite Streets. The default is Light.

For example, view the Light (default), Outdoors and Dark map types:

Geo chart light type
Geo chart outdoors type
Geo chart dark type


Geo bubble charts do NOT support conditional formatting.

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