Known issues

These are the known issues in this release of ThoughtSpot Cloud. known issues

Issue ID Description Symptoms, conditions, and workaround


Scheduled CSV Email from a liveboard does not get updated.


Scheduled CSV reports with rolling filters applied on a Liveboard might not get the latest data with updated rolling filter values.


Liveboard has a rolling date filter applied and a CSV schedule is created on it. After days or weeks, when the rolling filter changes the data on a Liveboard, the next job run generates a CSV with the last rolling in the filter, and does not update it. release.


Open and save the Liveboard once before the next scheduled run.


SeekWell service down


Users cannot use Sync functionality to sync to Slack, Sheets, Teams, Salesforce and other external destinations.

Navigating to DATA > SYNC displays the error message: Seekwell service down.


SeekWell service for ThoughtSpot is down. release.


Contact ThoughtSpot Support for assistance.

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