Customization and rebranding

ThoughtSpot allows you to customize the look and feel of embedded pages and elements to match the UI style and design of the host application and branding guidelines of your organization. Developers can use the following options to customize the appearance of embedded content.

Style customization features in the ThoughtSpot UI

You can customize key UI components, such as your application logo, favicon, font style for charts and tables, background color of the UI, background color of the top navigation panel, the color palette for your charts, page title, and footer text by either using the Style customization menu in the Admin tab or navigating to Develop > Customizations > Styles. To learn how to use these controls, see Customize styles in the UI.

Advanced customization with custom CSS

Custom CSS allows developers to override the default styles and UI element specifications in their deployments. Custom CSS provides granular control over the UI appearance and allows you to modify design elements such as buttons, labels, text styles, and typography. This feature is available only with the ThoughtSpot Embedded Enterprise Edition license.

For more information, see Advanced customization with custom CSS.

For more information about custom styles, see Customize layout and styles.

ThoughtSpot sends system-generated links when a user shares an object with another user, schedules a Liveboard job, or runs SpotIQ analyses on an Answer.

ThoughtSpot sends these links in email notifications to allow the recipients to access a shared object or a Liveboard to which they have subscribed. By default, the system-generated links point to the standalone ThoughtSpot application instance.

For an embedded ThoughtSpot instance, you might want to generate links in the format that preserves your host application context. The Links settings menu in the Develop tab allows you to customize the format of links generated by ThoughtSpot.

For more information, see Customize links.

Customize onboarding settings

ThoughtSpot allows you to customize the message text of welcome emails and add your product name in system-generated email notifications. If you have admin privileges, you can also customize email settings and onboarding experience for your application users.

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