Connection reference for SQL Server

You need specific information to establish a seamless and secure connection. The following fields are required, except where noted.

Connection name

Enter a new SQL Server connection name.

Connection description

Provide a short description of the connection. (Optional)


Enter the host name or IP address.



Enter the port number associated with the SQL Server database.


Enter the SQL Server account username.


Enter the SQL Server account password. (Optional)


Specify the database associated with the account. (Optional)

Advanced Configuration

Provide additional key-value pairs that you need to set up your connection to SQL Server or customize additional JDBC parameters supported by SQL Server. When you are using an SSL certificate with SQL Server, we recommend you enter the following Key and Value pairs:

  • For Key, enter encrypt and for Value, enter true. This option specifies that the port is secured and the communication is encrypted using an SSL certificate.

  • For Key, enter trustServerCertificate, and for Value, enter true. This option specifies that the ThoughtSpot server should trust the customer SSL certificate, and is required if you are using a private SSL certificate.

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