Managing groups in a multi-tenant environment

Depending on whether you are a cluster administrator or an Org administrator, you have different levels of administrator access. Cluster administrators can see and manage user groups in any Org; Org administrators can only see and manage user groups in the Org(s) for which they are admins.

This article contains instructions for managing groups if your company uses the Orgs feature for multi-tenancy in ThoughtSpot. If you have an Org switcher to the left of the help icon in the top navigation bar, your company is using Orgs.

If you do not have an Org switcher between the help icon and the Search answers and Liveboards search box, your company is not using Orgs. Refer to Managing groups in a single-tenant environment.

Manage groups

Before people can sign in and use ThoughtSpot, you need to create a username, a password, and a membership in one or more groups for them. Use the Admin Console to easily create and manage your user groups.

Refer to Understand groups and privileges to learn about the privileges you can assign to a user or group.

To manage groups, you must first ensure that you are in the correct Org. Navigate to the specific Org the groups you must manage are in. Use the Org Switcher to the left of the help menu in the top navigation bar.

Navigate to the Admin Console by selecting the Admin tab from the top navigation bar. Select Groups from the side navigation bar that appears. If you do not see Groups, you may be in the All orgs section of the Admin Console. Instead, select Primary org from the left navigation bar. Then, select Groups.

Admin Console - Groups

Use the Admin Console to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Create a group by selecting the + Add Group button

  • Manage an existing group by selecting the group you would like to edit: add an existing group to the group, add a user to the group, modify the group’s privileges, or resend or test the welcome email

  • Delete a group by hovering over a group name, clicking the checkbox that appears, and selecting the Delete button

Related information

Refer to Create, edit, or delete a group for more detail on how to create and manage groups.

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