We have several tips for managing the data sync in your organization.

Truncate table

Use the --empty_target tsload option to truncate the table, and remove delete from the target query.

In “tsload options” sync parameter, the default is --empty_target false. You can change this by explicitly adding --empty_target true.

Include Epoch date and timestamp

Epoch date and time options in the TQL expression editor let you configure pre-sync and post-sync scripts with greater control.

Example of pre-sync script:
delete from "DataFlow_BD"."falcon_defaut_schema"."test_tql" where C_DATE > $$CurrentDateEpochAdd(1)
Example of post-sync script:
delete from "DataFlow_BD"."falcon_defaut_schema"."test_tql" where C_TIMESTAMP > $$CurrentTimestampEpochAdd(1)

Track last sync start time

When setting up syncing, the Advance setup column mapping between external data source and ThoughtSpot offers a new system parameter, $$LastSyncStartTime. Use it in the Add new formula interface to manage sync updates.

"LAST_ACTIVITY_DATE"= $$LastSyncStartTime

After you apply the new formula, it appears in the Map columns listing.