The DataFlow Home interface reports all historical and upcoming syncing information.

With a single glance, the Home interface for Dataflow reports the sync performance across your entire organization.

Historical sync reports

  1. The filters include the following:

    • Sync period:
      • Historical (default) display includes the sync count, graphs, and charts.

      • Upcoming display shows the list of connections that include the following columns: Connection name, Table name, Next scheduled run, Repeat, and Last run time details. The date filter and the graphs details are not visible.

    • Date filter: Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days(default), or All time
    • User: All or individual users
    • Connection: All or individual connections
    • ThoughtSpot Table: All or individual
  2. Key indicators:

    • Total Syncs
    • Successful Syncs
    • Unsuccessful Syncs
    • Total Rows Loaded
  3. Daily Syncs by Status is an Area chart that shows In Progress, Successful, and Unsuccessful syncs over time.

  4. Daily Rows Loaded by Connection is a column chart that shows the number of rows loaded for each connection over time.

  5. Sync History reports the following information for all connections:

    • Connection name
    • Table name
    • Last sync time
    • Rows retrieved
    • Time taken
    • Status
    • View log
  6. TQL editor enables users to enter DDL commands to run on the internal database, such us CREATE DATABSE ... and similar.

  7. Search enables users to find information on specific tables, by name.