Release upgrade schedule

ThoughtSpot Cloud releases are rolled out in a phased manner across the entire ThoughtSpot cloud environment. The initial release candidate is deployed on internal ThoughtSpot, and customer development (DEV) environments. Once the quality of the release candidate is confirmed, it is rolled out as generally available (GA) across all production (PROD) environments.

Upgrade dates are subject to change without notice at ThoughtSpot’s discretion.

This is the targeted release schedule for upcoming ThoughtSpot Cloud upgrades:


Release candidate

(DEV, Internal, non-PROD)

General availability


October 20-26, 2023

November 3-10, 2023

October 25-November 7, 2023

November 12-21, 2023

November 15-23, 2023

December 4-14, 2023

Customer email notifications

3 days prior to upgrade

7 days prior to upgrade

Upgrade details
  • Non-production environments include internal ThoughtSpot as well as partner, or customer dev clusters.

  • Cluster upgrades are rolled out in a phased manner during the prescribed date range.

  • All customers will be notified about the exact date and time window for the upgrade in an email notification as per the schedule in the table above.

  • Customer documentation is published at the time of GA.

Upgrade process

  • New releases are deployed on a monthly cadence across all ThoughtSpot Cloud clusters.

  • Customer development clusters are deployed with a release candidate that will allow us to validate release stability prior to deployment across the production environment.

Upgrade times

Upgrades take place during off-business hours, at the following times:

  • APAC: 10:00 AM Pacific Time (5:00 PM UTC)

  • ANZ: 3:00 AM Pacific Time (10:00 AM UTC / 6:00 PM Singapore Time / 8:00 PM Atlantic Time / 10:00 PM New Zealand Time)

  • EMEA: 3:00 PM Pacific Time (10:00 PM UTC)

  • US: 8:00 PM Pacific Time (3:00 AM UTC)

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