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ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Customers can choose the cloud and region where they would like their ThoughtSpot Cloud service deployed.

ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

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What’s new in ThoughtSpot Cloud

August 2023

Features marked as Beta are off by default. To enable them, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

ThoughtSpot Sage

Natural language search improvements

We made the following changes to the natural language search feature:

  • Redesigned search results page. Filtering facets are now in the left panel.

  • You can now interact with the Answers created by natural language search, including sorting values and drilling down.

    Natural language search answer with a drilldown option

Sage features are disabled by default and available for administrators to enable in the Admin Console.

Once enabled, your ThoughtSpot administrator can grant access to the Natural language search and AI-suggested searches features for users in a group by assigning the Can preview ThoughtSpot Sage user privilege to the group. You do not need this privilege to access AI-generated Worksheet column synonyms.

For more information about ThoughtSpot Sage, see ThoughtSpot Sage.

Contextual change analysis

Contextual change analysis is now GA and on by default. You can now identify the key change drivers for changes in your metrics in a KPI chart. Select the percent change label or select any two data points on the KPI sparkline to view change analysis on your top 5 columns by usage-based ranking (UBR) and identify the reason behind the observed change. You can view the changes in other columns by clicking Customize attributes and selecting the desired column(s).

For more information, see Contextual change analysis.

Contextual change analysis window

Custom groups Beta

You can now create custom groups, which can be used to classify values in a list you can then reuse across multiple analyses. As an example, you can use custom groups to search for which products are most popular, and define them by sales volume as “gold”, “silver”, or “bronze” level products. Custom groups are community objects which remain when you navigate away from the Search Data page and can be viewed by any user with view access to the underlying Worksheet.

For more information, see Custom groups.

Reusable group creation process

Notification center

You now receive in-app notifications when items are shared with you, or when other users request access to an Answer or Liveboard. To view these notifications, simply click on the user profile icon. For more information, see Web notifications.

Notifications appear when you click the user profile icon

Verified Liveboards Beta

Admin-assigned verifiers can now mark Liveboards as verified. Users can now request these verifiers to review their Liveboards, and verify if the information displayed is trusted content. Verified Liveboards carry a tag that signifies that they have been audited for correctness. To enable this feature, contact ThoughtSpot Support. For more information, see Verified Liveboards.

Geomap chart enhancements

ThoughtSpot now supports the following enhancements for geomap visualizations:

  • We now provide geomap data for all countries. For a full list, see Openstreetmap supported countries.

  • We now support multiple levels of subdivisions within a country, rather than just city and zip code.

  • We now support visualizations comparing subdivisions of multiple countries in a single visualization. For example, if a selected column contains data from cities in the United States and Mexico, all data would be displayed on a single visualization.

To enable these features, the Geo config property in the underlying Worksheet must be set to Auto select. All Worksheets created after GA classify geographical data as Auto select by default.

For more information, see Geo chart enhancements.

Subdivisions in multiple countries

Date picker enhancement in Search Early Access

We added support for rolling, fixed, and custom date filters when creating an Answer or filtering a Liveboard. Previously, when adding a date filter to a Search, ThoughtSpot supported the conditions ON (=), ON OR AFTER (>=), BEFORE (<), and BETWEEN. Now, you can additionally filter for ON OR BEFORE (<=), NOT BETWEEN, ON LAST, and ON NEXT. To try it out, click the filter icon next to the Date column in the left side menu, or click the date filter below the Answer or Liveboard title. This feature must be enabled by your administrator. For more information, see Date filters for Answers and Liveboards.

Date picker for Answers

Headline creation and pinning deprecation

ThoughtSpot is deprecating the pin Headline to Liveboard feature. Beginning in the Cloud release, users will no longer see the pin icon when they hover over table summaries. To visualize and pin single aggregated measures, attributes in string/date format, or time-series metrics with sparklines, you must create KPI charts. Existing Headlines pinned to Liveboards will not be affected in this release. For more information, see How to convert Headlines to KPI charts.

Show onboarding for new users following the share link

When new users receive a Share link and view the shared object in ThoughtSpot, they can now click the Keep exploring button to be directed to onboarding.

Keep exploring button

Other features and enhancements

Responsive Liveboards

We have improved the responsiveness of Liveboards. For windows between 1024 pixels and 500 pixels, the Liveboard columns respond to re-sizing. For windows smaller than 500 pixels in width, a horizontal scroll bar appears.

Liveboard resize

Liveboard tabs in Mobile app

We now display Liveboard tabs in the ThoughtSpot Mobile app. To create a Liveboard tab, you must access ThoughtSpot in a browser.

Worksheet formula indexing

In this release, worksheet formulas can now be indexed by setting Suggest values in search to Yes for the formula.

Admin controls for new data panel experience Early Access

ThoughtSpot admins now have more control for enabling the new data panel experience for users. In this release, admins can now make the new answer data panel experience default for all users of a cluster, by going to Admin > Search & SpotIQ and setting the Make new answer data panel experience default to Enabled.

Indexing Queries Liveboard

We introduced a Liveboard to answer the following questions:

  • How many indexing queries are made?

  • Which queries are failing and why?

  • How long are the indexing queries taking?

  • Which connections have the most failures so that the admin can easily identify them?

Admin users can access the Indexing Queries Liveboard by searching the Liveboards tab, and use the results to improve indexing queries performance. For more information, see Indexing Queries Liveboard.

Indexing queries Liveboard

Snowflake Query Profile SpotApp

The Snowflake Query Profile SpotApp is now available. Use this SpotApp to analyze Snowflake query data to understand execution time better and pinpoint key areas for query optimization. For more information, see Snowflake Query Profile SpotApp.

Snowflake Query Profile SpotApp Liveboard


You can now create connections from ThoughtSpot to:

Connection error messaging improvements

If you run into an error while creating a connection, you can now click View details to see error details and add a comment for your administrator.

A view details pop-up window showing error details

Table column case definition Beta

We are introducing the ability to specify the case of a table column (for example, upper, lower, or mixed). Previously, SQL generated by ThoughtSpot was always wrapped in a LOWER function with no configuration options. Now, users will be able to define whether columns in tables are mixed case or lower case. To enable this feature, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

New London cloud region for AWS

ThoughtSpot Cloud now supports the London region when you connect using AWS. See ThoughtSpot Cloud requirements and support.

ThoughtSpot Everywhere

For new features and enhancements introduced in this release of ThoughtSpot Everywhere, see ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.