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ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed service offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

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What’s new in ThoughtSpot Cloud

November 2022

Features marked as Beta are off by default. To enable them, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Custom sizes for visualizations in Liveboards

Custom tile sizes for visualizations within Liveboards are now GA. Make your Liveboard layout your own by customizing your Liveboard visualizations to be any size, instead of just 5 predetermined sizes. For more information, see Edit the layout of a Liveboard.

Custom tile sizes for Liveboards

ThoughtSpot Sync Salesforce connection Beta

You can now sync data directly from an Answer or custom SQL view to Salesforce. Using ThoughtSpot Sync, you can push insights directly to Salesforce, notify your teams, and view data in context. ThoughtSpot Sync automatically establishes a secure pipeline to the destination app and thus eliminates the need for building custom connectors.

For more information, see Sync data to Salesforce.

Select app to sync pop-up

Discoverable Answers and Liveboards

Discoverable Answers and Liveboards are now GA and on by default. You can now easily and immediately make content available to your team members. Use the Make this [answer | Liveboard] discoverable checkbox that appears when you save or share an Answer or Liveboard to grant view access to your teammates. Teammates can then view your Answer or Liveboard in the list of relevant results when they use Search Answers, and see your content on their home page once viewed.

Save an answer dialog

For more information, see Share Answers and Share Liveboards.

Edit display name from profile

You can now edit your display name by clicking the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and clicking on the Edit button next to Name. For more information, see Edit display name.

Edit your display name from your profile

ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets™

This release introduces ThoughtSpot for Sheets, an entirely new web plug-in that brings modern, true self-service analytics directly to your data in Google Sheets — for free. Simply download the extension here, launch it in any of your Google Sheets spreadsheets, and start analyzing your data. For more information, see the Getting started with ThoughtSpot for Sheets video.

Google sheets gif

Other features and enhancements

Tag enhancements

This release includes the following updates to the tags feature in the Data workspace:

  • Add tags to multiple objects at a time

  • Administrators can create new tags from the Edit tags modal

For more information, see Apply a tag and Create a tag.

Data workspace tags gif

High Availability

ThoughtSpot now supports High Availability through deployment spanning multiple AWS Availability Zones. This ensures that the ThoughtSpot Cloud application experiences near-zero downtime in the case of Availability Zone (AZ) failures. To learn how to enable High Availability in your environment, see High Availability and resilience.

Query banding with Teradata connections

With query banding, Teradata connections now support the trust SQL feature in Teradata. This provides additional permissions to a ThoughtSpot user for accessing specific tables in Teradata to execute queries. The user must be configured as an application proxy user in Teradata. Query banding also allows tracking of statistics for queries executed by a user. Refer to Add a Teradata connection.


The following SpotApps are now available:

  • Google Ad Analysis: Use this SpotApp to get invaluable insight into your Google Ads performance, from high-level usage to identifying popular campaigns. For more information, see Google Ad Analysis SpotApp.

  • LinkedIn Ads: Use this SpotApp to get invaluable insight into your LinkedIn Ads performance, from high-level usage to identifying popular projects. For more information, see LinkedIn Ads SpotApp.

  • Procurement Vulnerability Analysis for SAP: Use this SpotApp to quickly identify where disruptions could occur in your global supply chain, reducing risk and building resilience. For more information, see Procurement Vulnerability Analysis for SAP SpotApp.

SQL Server with Synapse connections

In this release, ThoughtSpot officially certifies and provides support for Microsoft SQL Server used with Synapse connections. For more information, see Add a Synapse connection.

Query stats Liveboard

The Query Stats Liveboard allows administrators of customers who have signed up for a query-based usage subscription, to track the number of queries generated by their users. To view the Query Stats Liveboard, go to Liveboards and select Query Stats Liveboard. Query-based usage is part of consumption-based pricing. For more information, see Query Stats Liveboard.

Query stats Liveboard

Visualization GUID support in TML files

Liveboard ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML) files now contain distinct GUIDs for each visualization in the Liveboard by default. This ensures that the GUID for the visualization stays the same after you import or export it. For more information, see ThoughtSpot Modeling Language.

ThoughtSpot Everywhere

For new features and enhancements introduced in this release of ThoughtSpot Everywhere, see ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.