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ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed service offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

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What’s new in ThoughtSpot Cloud August 2022

Features marked as Beta are off by default. To enable them, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

New Liveboard experience

The new Liveboard experience is now GA and on by default. It contains new features and enhancements, including Edit mode, HTML in Liveboard titles and descriptions, and improved filtering.

To try it out, navigate to any Liveboard. For more information, see New Liveboard experience.

New Liveboard experience gif

Threshold-based alerts for KPI charts Beta

You can now use the Monitor feature to receive alerts when your KPI satisfies a given threshold condition. For example, create a condition to receive an alert when your Sales KPI becomes greater than 200,000, or when your KPI for Sales weekly increases by 2%. For more information, see Create a threshold-based alert.

Threshold-based alerts

Delete objects from home page

You can now delete answers and Liveboards directly from the list on the home page, as well as from the Answers and Liveboards tabs. To delete an answer or Liveboard from the home page, scroll down the list or search tags and author name to select the object name. After clicking the checkbox to the left of the object name, click the Delete button that appears.
For more information, see Home page. home object delete

Choose sources limitation

You can no longer select more than 100 data sources to search on when searching data. This maximum of 100 sources improves performance and limits timeouts due to the selection of too many sources. For more information, see Choose a data source.

Other features and enhancements

TML import improvements

You can now import TML files that contain certain errors. During the import process, ThoughtSpot removes the part of the object that contains errors, and allows you to import the rest of the object. For more information, see Scriptability.

TML import improvements image

Edit tags from the Data workspace

You can now edit tags for tables, worksheets, views, and SQL views from the Data workspace home page. Simply click on the checkbox next to any object in the Data workspace object list, and select Edit tags. For more information, see Use tags to organize.

Data worksapce edit tags gif


  • Denodo is a new connection type. See Denodo.

dbt integration enhancements

This release includes the following improvements to the dbt integration:

  • Integration with dbt for Databricks connections

  • Import of multiple folders at a time

  • Import of a single table within a folder

  • Support for joins across multiple folders

For more information, see Integrate with dbt.

ThoughtSpot now supports AWS PrivateLink for Denodo connections. ThoughtSpot encrypts all your data by default. For an additional layer of security and network reliability, you can use an AWS PrivateLink. For more information, see Enabling an AWS PrivateLink between ThoughtSpot Cloud and your Denodo data warehouse.

ThoughtSpot Everywhere

For new features and enhancements introduced in this release of ThoughtSpot Everywhere, see ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.