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ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed service offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

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What’s new in ThoughtSpot Cloud May 2022

Features designated as Beta are off by default. To enable them, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

KPI chart enhancements

With this release, you can track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) more easily, and tailor conditional formatting to suit your business use cases.

  • Track KPI charts from your home page watchlist

    You can now add KPIs to your watchlist and track them from your home page.

    To access this feature, navigate to the Home tab and select Add metrics to your watchlist. See Home page.

    Add KPI to home page watchlist

  • Conditional formatting for KPI attributes

    Make your KPIs stand out with conditional formatting for attribute-type KPI charts as well as measures.

    To add conditional formatting to your KPI chart, select the edit chart configuration icon icon gear 10px, click on the visualized metric, and select + Add rule. See Apply conditional formatting.

    kpi conditional attribute

Monitor KPIs

You can now schedule alerts for changes in KPIs in your data. Using the Monitor function, you can schedule email notifications for your KPIs on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Select the Monitor tab to view and manage all KPI alerts you create or subscribe to. See Monitor Key Performance Indicators in your data.

monitor alert

New Liveboard experience Beta

The new Liveboard experience contains new features and enhancements, including Edit mode, HTML in Liveboard titles and descriptions, and improved filtering.

To try it out, navigate to your profile, scroll down to Experience, select Edit, and toggle the Liveboard experience to New experience. See New Liveboard experience.

new liveboard experience gif

Recently viewed Liveboard and answer suggestions

Go to your most-viewed Liveboards and answers more quickly, with recently viewed suggestions. When you search answers, ThoughtSpot now suggests Liveboards and answers you’ve recently viewed, as well as popular objects.

To search answers, select the Search answers and Liveboards search bar in the top navigation bar, or near the top of the screen on your home page. See Search answers.

Recently viewed object suggestions

New SpotIQ experience

SpotIQ has a new reorganized and more intuitive UI. The functionality remains the same.

To try it out, navigate to your profile, scroll down to Experience, select Edit, and toggle the SpotIQ experience to New experience. See SpotIQ.

New SpotIQ experience

Search data button

You can now search data without disrupting your workflow. Just right-click the Search data button in the top navigation bar to open search in a new tab.

Navigate to new tab to search data

Other features and enhancements

Integration with dbt Beta

With the new dbt integration, you provide your existing dbt models and ThoughtSpot automatically creates worksheets you can use to query your data.

To try out dbt integration, navigate to the Data tab, and select Utilities. Select dbt Integration.

dbt integration


  • oracle sm Oracle connections support Exadata and ADW

    The Oracle ADW connection is renamed to Oracle. Existing ADW connections continue to work. There are now two options: Cloud for ADW connections, and On Premise for Exadata or other on-premise Oracle databases. See Oracle.

  • dremio sm Dremio

    Dremio is a new connection type, which supports OAuth authentication. See Dremio.

  • databricks sm OAuth for Databricks

    Databricks connections now support OAuth authentication. See Databricks.

Advanced data encryption at rest

You now have more granular user and folder-level controls for encrypting your persistent data, with advanced data encryption at rest (EAR).

Jira Issue Management SpotApp Beta

With the new Jira Issue Management Spot App, you can analyze your issue tracking data. It maps your Jira data to SpotApp columns, and creates customizable worksheets, answers, and Liveboards, based on your data.

Jira SpotApp

ThoughtSpot Everywhere

For new features and enhancements introduced in this release for ThoughtSpot Everywhere, see ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.