ThoughtSpot uses a simple search approach to generate tables and visualizations. Use Search Assist to learn how to get original Answers to all your business questions.

Search Assist walks you through simple search scenarios. It demonstrates how anyone can get answers to their data questions by typing in the Search bar.

The initial example asks, What were sales for all products in 2019?

Search Assist guides you to phrase this search as sales product 2019.

The search then returns the Answer as a table.

Search Assist First example

The additional searches also return Answers, either in table form or as chart, to these questions:

  • What were sales for shirts in 2019, per quarter?;
    The correct search here is, sales shirts 2019 quarterly.

  • What were the top-selling products during the last quarter?;
    The search here is, sales product last quarter top.

  • How many bags were sold per city over the last 12 months?;
    The search is, quantity purchased bags last 12 months city.