1. What is the consumption-based-pricing model?
    The consumption-based-pricing model gives you an option to license ThoughtSpot based on usage.

  2. Is consumption-based pricing only an option for ThoughtSpot Cloud?
    Both ThoughtSpot Software in Embrace mode and ThoughtSpot Cloud have both capacity and consumption-based licensing options.

  3. What is the unit of consumption with the consumption pricing model?
    You purchase and consume “credits” with the consumption model.

  4. What consumes credits?
    Usage of ThoughtSpot (based on “usage minutes”) consumes credits.

  5. At what rate are credits consumed?
    1 credit is drawn down (consumed) per “usage minute”. This may also be referred to as “Credit burn rate” or “Credit consumption rate”.

  6. How are usage minutes calculated?
    Usage minutes are calculated the following ways:
    • Any user activity in the application kicks off a 10 minute usage block.
    • Any additional user activity within that 10 minutes does not drive additional consumption and the whole session will be charged at 10 minutes.
    • The first click after the initial 10 minute window ends, initiates a second 10 minute session.
    • Each user’s usage is counted separately.
  7. Is the usage time measured per cluster or per user?
    Usage time is measured per user. For example: 10 users online for the same 10 minutes will be 100 minutes.

  8. What starts and stops the clock on “usage minutes”?
    Any user action or activity within the ThoughtSpot application starts the clock on usage with the minimum duration for “usage minutes” being 10 minutes after the first user click or activity in the product.

  9. What is user activity?
    User activity is defined as any user triggered (initiated) action in ThoughtSpot starting from the time the action is initiated until the time that the results of the action(s) are visible to the user in the Product. This includes any time spent by ThoughtSpot in processing the user triggered action in order to present the results to the user.

  10. What kinds of user actions/activity count towards consumption?
    User activity that counts towards consumption usage includes any user interaction with the product such as:
    • Clicking on any interactive elements inside the ThoughtSpot product page (User Interface) such as menu items, search boxes, tabs, buttons, icons and other user interface artifacts. Some examples are:
      • Performing searches on data or search related actions such as explore, filters, drill-down, showing underlying data and other related actions.
      • Creating, editing, updating deleting or interacting with Answers, Pinboards, Worksheets, tables, Views and other objects.
      • Triggering user-initiated SpotIQ analyses.
      • Setup and configuration actions in the Product (such as those performed in the “Admin” section of the product or other such sections).
      • Uploads, downloads, sharing, triggering the sending of emails from within the product.
    • Browser actions (such as refresh, forward, back buttons).
    • Any scrolling in the product that triggers updates to objects or content being viewed.
      • For example, if a user is scrolling through a Pinboard, initially it displays only a subset of the charts that can fit on the screen. This is counted as initial user activity. At any point, if the user scrolls through the Pinboard and this results in additional charts in that Pinboard that are loaded and displayed for the first time, this would count as additional user activity.
  11. What kinds of user actions/activity do not count toward consumption?
    The following do not count toward consumption:
    • The only click that does not count as user activity is clicking Sign out.
    • Any action that happens outside the product or is not user-triggered inside the product is not considered user activity. For example the system sending out a scheduled pinboard, a user viewing receiving emails generated by ThoughtSpot based on actions such as scheduled pinboards, welcome or other kinds of emails, emails that sent out as a result of “Following” metrics in the product do not count as user activity. (However, If the user logs in to the product as a result of these emails, that will start user activity).
    • Any non-user-initiated activity in the system does not count as “user activity”. This includes automatically triggered SpotIQ analyses, indexing or other non-user-initiated queries against external warehouses and any other background processes or daemons that are not a result of an explicit user triggered action.
    • Any scrolling on ThoughtSpot product pages that does not update any content on the page does not count towards consumption.
  12. Will users consume credits if they leave a tab open?

  13. Does “Admin” work count towards “usage time”?
    Yes, any user activity within the application is counted towards usage time including work done by “Admin” users or clicking on the “Admin” tab.

  14. Are minutes consumed during implementation and training prior to go-live?

  15. Will I be able to track usage in the product?
    At this time, ThoughtSpot will provide you periodic updates of usage. We plan to make it possible to track usage inside the product in future releases.

  16. Can I have both consumption pricing and capacity pricing?
    In order for you to have both pricing models, you must have multiple clusters with each cluster having a discrete pricing model. One cluster can not be licensed as both consumption and capacity.