Native connectors

Native connectors
Support for dozens of the most common databases,
data warehouses, file sources, and applications.

Point and click

Visual guided experience.
No SQL or coding skills required.

Granular selection

Granular selection
Select only the table columns you want to load.
No need to move entire data sets.

Incremental data load

Load incremental data
Option to add only new data to existing tables.
Or you can overwrite existing tables completely.

Incremental data load

Data mapping
Flexibly map columns from the data source
to columns in ThoughtSpot’s in-memory data store.

Schedule sync

Sync scheduling
Define granular data sync schedules:
monthly, weekly, daily, down to hourly intervals.

TQL editor

TQL interface
Run custom commands in an embedded TQL editor.
Create database objects, specify conditions, and validate data.

Alerts and monitoring

Alerts and monitoring
Monitor data sync history, view execution logs,
and get alerts when problems must be addressed.