Learn about the Dell hardware before deploying ThoughtSpot.

About the Hardware

This table shows the hardware details and power requirements for your Dell C6420 appliance.

Details Dell C6420
Dimensions 2 RU chassis (17.6” x 3.4” x 31.1” (WxHxD))
# of nodes Populated with 1 to 4 nodes
Node specifications Each node is independent and consists of a server board (removable from rear), 1x 240GB SSD, 3x 2TB HDD
Max power consumption 2000 W
Required power input 200-240VAC / 11.5A max / 50 - 60 Hz (C19 / C20 power cords)

Dell front and back views

These pictures show the front and back view of the Dell C6420 appliance.

Dell front view

Dell back view

Location of serial number

You may need to know your appliance’s serial number, to be able to access online help from your appliance provider. Find your Dell appliance’s serial number on the plastic tab next to the control panel for Node 4, on the front right side of your appliance. Pull out the tab to view your service tag and a QR code for Dell support.

Serial number location

View your service tag

Connect appliance

Next, connect the appliance.