You can retrieve the data in a pinboard or other ThoughtSpot visualization.

This API enables you to retrieve the data of a pinboard or visualization from the ThoughtSpot system. You may want to visualize the following:

  • Fetch all the visualization objects on a pinboard.
  • Fetch a specific or a group of visualizations on a pinboard.

Resource URL

post /tspublic/v1/pinboarddata

Request Parameters

Query Parameter Data Type Description
id string The pinboard id in the system.
vizid string (Optional) The visualization id(s) on a pinboard. Use this parameter to fetch a specific visualization on a pinboard. The syntax is:

["4fdf9d2c-6f34-4e3b-9fa6-bd0ca69676e1", "......"]

batchsize integer The batch size for loading of pinboard objects. The system default is -1.
pagenumber integer The system default is -1.
offset integer The system default is -1. Alternately, set the offset using the following code:

1-based indexingOffset = (pageNumber - 1) * batchSize

formattype string Valid values are COMPACT or FULL JSON. The system default is COMPACT.

Request Example

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-Requested-By: ThoughtSpot' 'https://<instance>/callosum/v1/tspublic/v1/pinboarddata?id=f4533461-caa5-4efa-a189-13815ab86770&batchsize=-1&pagenumber=-1&offset=-1&formattype=COMPACT'
Request URL

Response Example

  "4fdf9d2c-6f34-4e3b-9fa6-bd0ca69676e1": {
    "name": "Sample Name",
    "columnNames": [
      "Opportunity Stage",
      "Opportunity Owner Name",
      "Total Amount"
    "data": [
        "s3 alignment with eb",
        "jeff cameron",
        "s4 validation",
        "brian mcquillan",
    "samplingRatio": 1,
    "totalRowCount": 14,
    "rowCount": 14,
    "pageSize": 10,
    "offset": 0