ThoughtSpot offers several Microsoft Azure instance types.

ThoughtSpot can be deployed in your Azure environment by deploying compute VM instances in your VNET, or Azure Virtual Network, and your underlying persistent storage infrastructure. ThoughtSpot supports Premium SSD Managed Disks for persistent storage. For more information, see Managed Disks pricing in Microsoft’s Azure documentation.

All Azure VMs (nodes) in a ThoughtSpot cluster must be in the same availability zone (and, therefore, also in the same region). ThoughtSpot does not support deploying VMs( nodes) of the same cluster across availability zones. For more information, see What are Availability Zones in Azure? in Microsoft’s Azure documentation.

When choosing an instance type, ensure that it uses Intel CPUs.

ThoughtSpot Azure instance types

Per VM user data capacity Instance type CPU/RAM Recommended per-VM
Premium SSD Managed Disk volume
Required root volume capacity
200 GB E64s_v3 64/432 2x1 TB 200 GB for each node
100 GB E32s_v3 32/256 2X 400 GB 200 GB for each node
20 GB E16s_v3 16/128 2X 400 GB 200 GB for each node
120 GB D64_v3 64/256 2X 1 TB 200 GB for each node