You can change the colors used in a chart.

To change the colors used in a chart, use the Customize menu to dive into the chip for the column or value you would like to change. You can set colors for:

  • bars, lines, areas, bubbles, maps, and other visuals on charts
  • legends on charts
  • tables for conditional formatting
  • tags and editing the colors

You can also apply a conditional format to change the color, based on specified criteria. This type of conditional formatting does not work with Line charts.

Colors are maintained across searches within a session. For example, when doing a search on revenue by state, each state will keep its color assigned to it even if you change the search or chart type.

Set colors on a chart

  1. While viewing your search or answer as a chart, click the chart configuration icon chart configuration icon to open the chart configuration menu.

    Edit chart configuration menu

  2. Click on the color chip for the column or value you would like to change. Editable chips have a more icon: >.

  3. Use the color picker to choose a new color to represent that value.

    You can also enter a HEX value directly.

    Your changes are saved immediately.

  4. Click the X at top right to dismiss the styles panel.

    Change the chart color