ThoughtSpot version 5.3.2 CU3 is now available. These are the new and enhanced features in this release.

For a complete list of issues that we fixed in this release, see Fixed issues.

Supported Upgrade Paths

If you are running one of the following versions, you can upgrade to the 5.3.2 release directly:

  • 5.3 to 5.3.2 CU3
  • 5.2.x to 5.3.2 CU3
  • 5.1.x to 5.3.2 CU3

This includes any hotfixes or customer patches on these branches.

If you are running a different version, you must do a multiple pass upgrade. First, upgrade to version 5.1.x, version 5.2.x, or version 5.3.x, and then to the 5.3.2 CU3 release.

5.3.1 New Features and Functionality

For a complete list of issues that we fixed in this release, see 5.3.1 Fixed issues.


In this release, administrators can configure ‘Welcome’ emails to send to both new and existing users, and to existing groups. See Edit a group and Create a user.


ThoughtSpot Embrace is in beta. In Release 5.3.1, you can connect to multiple Snowflake databases, and get faster querying results. We also made improvements to the connection configuration. See Embrace overview.

Pinboard export in PDF format has branding, and more

We enhanced the presentation experience even more. You can now brand the PDF with your own logo, add pagination, and supply footer text. When using the Visualizations mode, you can de-select some of the visuals. See Download a Pinboard as PDF.

Streamlined AWS data loading from an S3 bucket

You can now load data from an S3 bucket into your ThoughtSpot AWS instance faster than ever before. By assigning an AWS IAM role to your instance which has read-only access to your S3 bucket, you no longer have to enter S3 credentials when loading data. For more information, see Loading data from an AWS S3 bucket

Updated password requirements

This release added password requirements for new and existing users. When a user changes their password or an administrator adds a new user, ThoughtSpot requires a more complex password. Your password must contain three of the following: uppercase letters A-Z, lowercase letters a-z, special characters !#$ etc, numbers 0-9. Your password must be at least eight characters long.

5.3 New Features and Functionality

For a complete list of issues that we fixed in this release, see 5.3 Fixed issues.


In this release, we introduce user Onboarding, which communicates the value of ThoughtSpot to new users through a streamlined learning experience with default pinboards.

  • To learn how to configure user onboarding, see Onboarding Users.
  • To include users in the onboarding process, each user profile must include a valid email address. See Create a user through the interface.
  • When you create a new user, we recommend that you add them to a user group immediately. Configure that user group to use a specific data source, choose up to three initial pinboards, and specify the text of the welcome email.
  • To configure the email protocols necessary for onboarding, the administrator must also specify the onboarding configuration for the cluster. See the reference information for the tscli onboarding command.
  • See the general overview of How onboarding works for the user.

ThoughtSpot mobile

Our mobile app is available for customers with ThoughtSpot 5.1 or later.

Mobile version 1.1.2 now supports auto-redirect Single Sign-On (SSO) for configured clusters.

For more information about what you can do with it, see mobile app features. For more information about how to deploy it, see deploy mobile app.

Mandatory user emails

To upgrade to this release, all users must have a valid email in ThoughtSpot. We block the upgrade if all users don’t have valid emails.

Before this release, the email field was not mandatory. See changes to Create a user through the interface. To make bulk updates to emails, see Configure authentication through Active Directory.

Amazon S3 persistent storage option

You can now reduce the cost of an AWS deployment by using S3 for storage of major services like the ThoughtSpot database and search engine. For more information, see AWS configuration options.


ThoughtSpot Embrace is in beta.

With ThoughtSpot Embrace, you can perform live queries against an external data repository without caching it in ThoughtSpot. You can then analyze the data and create visualizations in ThoughtSpot.

There are two modes for using Embrace:

  • Linked tables provide real-time access to external data.
  • Synced tables enable you to bring select tables into the ThoughtSpot internal database.

You can easily switch between Synced and Linked operation modes.

You can also schedule automatic updates that refresh the synced data

For more information, see About ThoughtSpot Embrace.

Pinboard export in PDF format

You can now download a pinboard in PDF format, without downloading each visualization separately. PDF files replicate the pinboard layout by default. Alternatively, you can choose to have each visualization on its own page. For more information, see Download a pinboard as PDF.

Pinboard presentation in full screen

We enhanced the presentation experience to show ThoughtSpot pinboards like a typical slide deck. This release features better navigation and presentation controls. See Present a pinboard as a slideshow.

New candlestick chart type

We added a new chart that shows price movements of financial instruments. You can adapt it to show other probability distribution information. See Candlestick charts.

SpotIQ comparative analysis

SpotIQ Analysis now supports more complex measurements:

  • Sum over sum and Average use ‘what-if’ percentage insights.

See Comparative Analysis.

SpotIQ simplified feedback

We simplified feedback for insights and analysis to use fewer questions. These questions are now more relevant to the specific insight. See Insight Feedback.

SearchIQ optimization and other enhancements

SearchIQ is in Beta. We made significant improvements in setup of SearchIQ and its ability to interpret natural language queries. See Optimize SearchIQ.

Schema and join information

You can now see the schema information and join information at the same time, under the Schema tab of each table, worksheet, and view. For an example, see Modify joins within a worksheet.

New geo map support

Starting with this release, ThoughtSpot supports geo maps for these countries and regions:

  • United Kingdom: Zip Code
  • Sweden: Postal Code

See Geo Map Reference.


As of this release, ThoughtSpot no longer supports Solaris installations.
We also updated our drivers; see Downloads.

Beta Programs

If you are interested in seeing some of our newest features, we want to add you to our testing group. ThoughtSpot is looking for people with all levels of experience: end-users, analysts, administrators, configurators… We like to have a diversity of experience and perspective, and want to hear from you. Because we strive for excellence, we will partner with you to adjust the final details of our offerings based on your feedback. These features are currently in Beta. Please contact us if you are interested in participating: