ThoughtSpot can be deployed in your GCP environment by deploying compute (VM) instances in your VPC as well as an underlying persistent storage infrastructure. Currently we support Zonal SSD persistent disk for persistent storage. For more information, see Zonal Persistent SSD disks in Google’s Cloud documentation.

All GCP VMs (nodes) in a ThoughtSpot cluster must be in the same zone (and, therefore, also in the same region). ThoughtSpot does not support deploying VMs (nodes) of the same cluster across zones. For more information, see Regions and Zones in Google’s Cloud documentation.

ThoughtSpot GCP instance types

Per VM user data capacity Instance type CPU/RAM Recommended per-VM
Zonal Persistent SSD Disk volume
Required root volume capacity
208 GB n1-highmem-64 64/416 2x 1 TB 200 GB for each node
312 GB n1-highmem-96 96/624 2x 1.5 TB 200 GB for each node
100 GB n1-highmem-32 32/208 2X 400 GB 200 GB for each node
20 GB n1-highmem-16 16/122 2X 400 GB 200 GB for each node
180 GB n1-standard-96 96/330 2X 1 TB 200 GB for each node