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Configure NAS file system You can use network attached storage to support backup/restore and data loading.
Network policies Lists the required ports, protocols and policies for an installation.
Test network connectivity between nodes Verify your network is properly configured for the application.
Network connectivity issues If network connectivity to and from ThoughtSpot is not working, try using these steps to find and correct the issue. To troubleshoot network connectivity for ThoughtSpot: Make sure that the network cables are connected correctly. Check that the network cable is connecting the nodes to the network switch. Try...
Network policies Lists the required and optional ports for an installation.
tscli command reference The tscli command line interface is an administration interface for the ThoughtSpot instance. Use tscli to take snapshots (backups) of data, apply updates, stop and start the services, and view information about the system. This reference defines each subcommand and what you can accomplish with it....