Need help finding something in your data? Ask an expert to create the search for you.

At times you may struggle to answer a specific question, build a chart you have in mind, or find something in your data. You can use Ask an expert to request help from someone in your organization. Your request will go to the person in your company who best know the data source you’re using and how to search it in ThoughtSpot. When your request is answered, you will be able to see the result in the Answers listing in ThoughtSpot.

Ask an expert can help in these ways:

  1. You can get an answer to your tough question, even when you’re stuck.
  2. The expert gets to see what people have trouble with, so he or she can make it easier.
  3. You can use the answer from the expert to understand the data better.

How do I use Ask an expert?

  1. When you’re doing a search, you’ll see a link under your search that says Ask an expert. Click that if you’re stuck and need help.

  2. The search you were working on is captured and shown back to you, with a text box for your message. Send a message describing what you were looking for, along with any information that makes it easy for the expert to understand what problem you were having.

An example would be:

“I’m having trouble getting this search to show as a stacked column, with each department shown as a separate color.”

  1. Then click Send, so your request will go to the expert.

  2. The expert will share their answer with you. You can then Review answers from Ask an expert.

What kinds of things can I ask?

You can use Ask an expert to ask any kind of question you like. Even if your question is about some data that isn’t in ThoughtSpot at all, the expert may be able to help, so it’s always worth asking.